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Volunteering FAQs

Q. What kind of time commitment do you expect from your volunteers?
A. You can volunteer as much of your time as you are willing to; there is no minimum time commitment. For major adoption events such as the OC Pet Expo, we do require a minimum 5 hour shift, though you may volunteer longer if you wish. When we send out event announcements, we will note any minimum volunteer time requirements for each event.

Q. Do I have to go through any type of training or orientation before I start volunteering?
A. Yes, you have to attend a volunteer orientation. If you plan to handle dogs at adoption events, it is also mandatory for you to attend our dog handling class prior to volunteering.

Q. If I am under the age of 18, can I still volunteer?
A. Yes, but you must be at least 16 years old. Your parent or legal guardian must fill out the parental information section on the Volunteer Application. They also have to sign the waiver.

Q. Do I need to wear specific attire at adoption events, home visits, meet and greets and in general, conducting any kind of rescue business?

A. Yes, you will be provided with a GSSH Olive polo shirt and a name badge to wear at adoption events. We also require you to wear long pants like jeans or khakis (please no sweatpants or activewear) and tennis shoes. The polo shirt must be returned to us at the end of the event.

If you are conducting rescue business such as shelter visits, home visits, meet and greets with the dogs or representing GSSH in the community, you must wear the GSSH Olive polo shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. You are representing our organization and you must present yourself in a professional manner. Please note, if you would like to buy a GSSH polo shirt of your own, please let Tom or Jen know.

Q. Am I allowed to use my cell phone in your booth at adoption events?
A. No. If you are handling dogs and talking to people in our booth, we do not want the distraction of cell phone use. It is for the safety of you, the dogs and the public. When you are handling dogs, you must always pay attention to what the dog(s) are doing. You can use your phone on your break or away from the booth.

Q. Can I buy GSSH merchandise and do I get a discount?
A. Yes, you can buy GSSH merchandise at our cost but only you can get the discounted price.

Q. Can I adopt a dog from GSSH?
A. Yes, you can. You will go through the same screening process as any other adoption applicant interested in adopting a dog from us.

Q. Do I get a discount on the adoption fee?
A. No. The adoption fee only partially reimburses the rescue for the costs associated with the care of the dogs so unfortunately we cannot discount the adoption fee.