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Owner Surrenders

***** We will only consider owner surrenders located in Southern California *****

Having a dog is a lifelong commitment which means keeping the dog their entire life, through the good times and the bad times. Before you make the decision to give up your German Shepherd, be honest and ask yourself why you are doing it and if it’s really your only option. It should not be because the dog has become an inconvenience in your life or that it is the easier thing to do. There may be situations out of your control that forces you to find a new home for your dog but please make that your very last resort. German Shepherds are very loyal, family oriented dogs. They will not understand why the only family they have ever known and loved is giving them up. Would you ever give up or leave behind your child? Your sister? Your brother? No, because they are family. Whether or not you see your dog as a family member, that is how they see YOU. Don’t let them down and break their heart. Find a way to be that person your dog can count on, the one they believe will always be there for them as they are always for you.

If you have exhausted all avenues for finding another loving home for your dog, then you may fill out the form below. Filling out the form DOES NOT mean we will accept your dog into our rescue. We accept owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis.