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Foster Family Testimonials

Bill & Carol Miller

Posted by on Feb 14, 2016 in Foster Testimonials, News & Updates | 0 comments

Bill & Carol MillerBill and Carol Miller have been fostering Ellie Mae, our senior dog, since April 2015. They first heard about German Shepherd Save Haven while visiting our booth at the Great Park Farmers’ Market in Irvine a year ago.

Prior to learning about GSSH, Bill and Carol had approached a local animal shelter to offer their volunteer services, but were told that their help was not needed. After learning about GSSH’s foster program, they decided to open their home as foster parents.

“It takes some adjustment,” Bill commented, “but knowing that these dogs have had bad experiences, you just have to have patience. When becoming new foster parents, get to know the dog, absorb them into your home, and integrate them into your routine.”

“We feel that we are doing a service and saving their lives,” Carol agreed. “These dogs are sweet-natured, emotional, loyal, and smart animals. Being foster parents means we are saving one more. It makes the world a better place.”

GSSH supports foster parents by managing medical and veterinarian needs; providing an identification collar, leash, pinch collar, dog food, treats, toys and a crate; and providing transportation to meet-and-greets with potential adopters. When Bill and Carol go out of town, we provide boarding services.

Because GSSH is a foster-based rescue, the more foster homes we have, the more dogs we are able to rescue.

“One word: hair. You will need a Dyson,” Bill commented with a laugh when he was asked what the biggest challenge of fostering a GSD was. “But when you look into a German Shepherd’s eyes, you know that they are a deep thinker. They want to bond with people.”

We grateful to have Bill and Carol as foster parents.

Rebecca & Jason Lynd

Posted by on Aug 23, 2014 in Foster Testimonials | 0 comments


What Fostering Means to Us

by Rebecca Lynd

Becoming a foster family is an enlightening experience. When the foster dog approaches you for some attention, you look into those sweet eyes yearning for your love, affection and acceptace. You can’t help but be proud to know that you are a part of saving the dog’s life and transitioning them into a new home. For us, the best part is watching these gentle giants kiss our baby’s toes and gently touch their big wet nose to her face. It is such a heartwarming sight and amazing to think how happy their new family will be. Every life is precious and contributing to saving the lives of these beautiful German Shepherds is the best reward we can ask for.