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To Our Supporters and the Community

Hi everyone, we just want to share a quick note with you and let you know that German Shepherd Safe Haven is exercising a little social distancing from everything right now. Tom, the founder, lost his Dad three weeks ago and he will need to take some much needed time away to focus on taking care of things back home. Along with the current public health situation, it has become difficult to continue the day to day operations of the rescue as we have done in the past while ensuring health and safety. However, please note that we are NOT going out of business. We will monitor the ongoing situation and possibly resume rescuing German Shepherds starting September 1, 2020. We know this is a difficult time for everyone but we need to work through these situations so we can come back stronger and ready to help this beautiful breed the way they deserve. We appreciate your understanding and continued support. Stay healthy and remember to focus on living a positive life!