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*** Nash requires a family with German Shepherd experience ***

Hello, my name is Nash and I am a 7 month old puppy. I was found alongside the road by a good samaritan and she brought me back to life. She had to bottle feed me and treat me like a King to get me back to feeling normal. But I’ll admit, all that love and attention she spoiled me with has made me behave like a spoiled brat. It was all about me and I got used to that. Living in my new foster home, I am trying to learn that it is not all about me anymore and I have to get along with other dogs in a structured environment. I love doing what I want when I want but I guess that is not the right way to behave. My foster dad is working very hard with me and my training and I now walk well on a leash, I know sit and I am working on down. I play well with dogs but I don’t let anyone push me around, I am really good at defending myself. I am crate trained and can go through the night without having to go outside until I wake up. You have to know though that I have a condition called pelvic bladder so I’m not completely house trained, I do still have accidents in the house because of this condition. I’ll probably grow out of it but right now, sometimes I can’t help but accidentally pee in the house. I do know how to go outside to poop so that’s half the battle! ***UPDATE – I am house trained now!***

You need to know that because I am a dominant, strong willed, stubborn German Shepherd puppy, my forever family must have German Shepherd experience to guide me into being a well behaved adult dog. I need someone who will be patient but firm with me and not let me get away with bad behavior and bad habits. You have to be very dedicated to my training and well being. And I may be a cute puppy right now, just remember that I will grow into an adult dog so I need someone who will be dedicated to me for my entire lifetime, not just during my cute puppy period.

If you are interested in meeting me, please fill out an application and let’s see if you are the right match for me, Mr. King Nash!