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Meet Will, a 13 week old male German Shepherd. If you know anything about Will on Will & Grace then you’ll have a good idea of what Will the puppy is like. Will can pretty reliant on Grace, his sibling. He can be a quiet guy but he can be a big crybaby if you make him do something he doesn’t want to do. Will is crate and potty trained however he will need continued structure to continue being successful with that.

Will has a prominent underbite right now which we will monitor and hope he grows into. However if he doesn’t, his adult lower canines may need to be removed. That wouldn’t affect him in any way except missing teeth on his bottom jaw. Nonetheless, he is a very handsome fella. But don’t let that be the reason why you want to adopt him. Like our other German Shepherd puppies, Will requires a home that knows, understands and has experience with German Shepherds. Cute German Shepherd puppies can grow up into big, out of control dogs if not raised with a strict schedule of training and guidance. Before you fill out an adoption application, be sure you are ready for a lifetime commitment to the dog.