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Naomi’s Family

naomi's family

Places Everyone, the Queen has arrived!!

Hello, you must remember me, Naomi (right), the beautiful German Shepherd from the Lancaster shelter. I was surrendered there by my previous owners because they decided they did not want me anymore, shocking I know. For two whole weeks, I waited (somewhat patiently) at that shelter for someone to recognize and adore my regal appearance and charming personality. I was just beginning to think maybe I would not make it out because I had been repeatedly passed over by person after person, and rescue after rescue when one sunny day a nice approached me. The nice man requested for one of the shelter workers to bring me out of my kennel and the worker obliged by leading me out on a rope, even the Queen does not receive special treatment in that place. I went with the nice man (Tom) into the viewing area where my evaluation of him began, although my attention was quickly drawn away by some children walking nearby and I do love kids. After the children had gone I decided to pay more attention to Tom and I began to warm up to, and even like him, despite all those silly tests he put me through. Tom told me that I had passed all of his silly tests (of course I did), he left the viewing area and returned shortly with a proper leash and collar for me and said: “you are ready to go little girl”. I was so excited to finally be leaving that place, I was jumping all around and I made it quite difficult for Tom to get my new collar on. As we walked out of the shelter together I could not believe that I was actually leaving and had a new leash on life (pun intended). The journey to Tom’s home was quite long and slow and when we finally arrived I was delighted to see many other dogs in his home who I quickly became friends with. It was all so much fun! All of the other dogs were friendly and welcomed me, which was a new and exciting experience for me. Eventually, I settled into my new foster home with my foster dad, Tom, and then it was time for my training to begin. Tom taught me how to walk properly on a leash so that I could pass by other dogs without getting too excited. That was a bit hard because I just wanted to play, but I quickly learned how a queen should act on a leash. When I passed my health evaluation and behavior training I was permitted to attend German Shepherd Safe Haven’s Showcase Events, boy what a privilege that was! It was fun to meet all kinds of people, children and sometimes even other dogs! I started to have meet and greets with different families, but it was not until I met a family with another dog that I felt I might have found my forever home. I really wanted to play with this other dog but he was just not interested so I settled for going for a walk together, which was fun. I decided that I really liked this family and they liked me, but they told my foster dad they still had appointments with other rescues and they would make a decision later in the day. I really hoped that they would pick me. My foster dad brought me back home and told me not to worry, no matter what he would make sure I found the perfect home. I decided to cut loose and play with the other dogs at home to keep my mind off the wonderful family I had just met. Later that day I heard the phone ring and my ears perked right up when I heard Tom say “That is wonderful news, we are thrilled you picked Naomi”! Tom said that he would begin processing the adoption paperwork and reference checks right away, I could hardly wait! Soon everything checked out perfectly and that Saturday I went with Tom to La Jolla where we met my new family. We went for a walk with my new doggy sibling and we got along great so we were able to go back to my new home. The second I walked through the doors I was so excited to see I had so much room to play and explore. We played in the backyard for a little while and I even met a kitty! I learned pretty quick to just ignore the cat. Once the paperwork was finalized I got to take a picture with my new family. Tom gave me a big hug and said goodbye. I was so excited to finally be at home, it might have taken a while but I am right where I should be!