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Goodbye To A Dear Friend

Mo and Wrangler

We lost a very dear friend and family member this past Christmas. Carole “Mo” Roberts was a wonderful person with a big heart for animals. She worked tirelessly and did everything within her power to make a profound, positive difference in the lives of the animals in her community and beyond. We cannot begin to express how grateful we were for her contributions to German Shepherd Safe Haven. With her years of experience in rescue, she became a valuable source of advice and guidance as we continued to build the rescue. But truly, what we will miss the most is her friendship. She was warm and caring with a great sense of humor. We were thrilled when Mo and Vaughan decided to adopt Wrangler because we knew there would not be a better home for him than theirs. They proceeded to train and certify Wrangler as a service dog and as Mo’s health declined last year, Wrangler provided comfort and companionship and helped them both through many difficult days. We all still grieve the loss of our dear friend and extend our love and prayers to Vaughan and Wrangler during this difficult time. We honor her memory by continuing the rescue work she was so passionate about.