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Hi, my name is Cash and I am a 1.5 year old neutered male. I am pretty much just a big ole goof ball. I get along with other dogs but sometimes can play rough and it just makes the other dog mad at me. I don’t mean anything by it though! Smaller dogs, I am over curious and sometimes make a fool out of myself because I just want to go see them. I am house and crate trained. I can just hang out and be relaxed if that is what you like or I can play with my bone or ball. I can walk on a leash but am still learning not to pull so much. I am working on all my commands. I never had to do them in my other home because I was a backyard dog that never got any attention so this is all new to me. I need to gain some weight because I am a little thin and you can see my ribs but my foster dad is working with me on it. I am a very sweet boy and just need a little direction and once I understand what you want from me, we can be best friends forever!