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Ellie Mae

Hi my name is Ellie Mae. I am a 9 year old spayed female. I may look a little chunky but my new foster dad is going to take me on lots of walks to get the weight off me. Did I tell you that I am a very sweet older lady? I am very easy going around other dogs. The only exception is that if a dog is in my face, well, I tend to put the dog in its place. You know, like my foster sister Danae, who always tries to take my toys off of my bed. I just growl and show my teeth and she backs off, smart girl. I do like balls and toys but it does not rule my world like my foster brother Roman. I walk pretty well on my leash and tend to get excited when I see other small dogs. My foster dad is working with me on that. I was never exposed to small dogs. They are usually the ones that want to jump up on me. Sometimes they growl and bark in my face and I don’t care for that. I am house trained. My foster dad does not put me in a crate because I just lay around on my dog bed all day long. If you are looking for a great dog that just likes giving and getting love that will hang out with you, then I am probably your girl. I would be better in a home that does not have kids. I do love kids. What I don’t like is when they play rough with me and roll around on me. It hurts and I can’t tell them to stop. I would rather be treated like a respected member of the family than a child’s toy. If you are the right fit for me, please fill out an application and we can meet up soon.