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Hi, my name is Urban.  I am a 2 year old coated (long haired) neutered male.  I know what you are thinking, wow, what a handsome young man!  Yes I know, I get a lot of attention when I am out in public. Even my foster brothers and sisters are taken aback by my good looks!  But there is a lot more to me than just how I look.  I am a well mannered, young male but let me tell you, I can play with the young’s and keep up with them. I am a little hesitant when approached by people I don’t know but my foster dad is working with me and giving me lots of love. I’m realizing that not everyone is mean and I love it when I am petted. I have started giving my foster dad lots of kisses because I know if it was not for him giving me a second chance, I would not be here and would have been put to sleep.  I was dropped off at the shelter by my old owners because I was shedding. I’m a German Shepherd, what did they expect?? Anyway, I was scared to be in a place I didn’t know so I was labeled aggressive and fearful. My foster dad is restoring my faith in humans and he is giving me the love that I really deserve and I am giving it back to him. I walk really well on a leash. I am crate and house trained and because I am so well behaved, my foster dad lets me sleep on the dog bed next to his bed at night. I am great with kids. I know sit, down and am working on wait. I am really underweight but now that I’m happy and eating good food, I am starting to gain some weight. Soon I’ll really be hunky and good looking! I have good looks, a great personality and an even temperament that anyone can fall in love with!