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Ollie’s Family

It was worth the wait!

Hi, remember me, Ollie? My story began on New Year’s Day where I was surrendered to German Shepherd Safe Haven. It was a sad day for me and my old daddy, he did not want to do it but had no choice. I am just glad he found the Safe Haven and they decided to take me in. Once I got to my new foster home, oh boy I had no idea what I was in for! My new foster daddy had 5 other dogs there and I was so unsure of all the dogs because I had never really been around dogs that much. I had to learn how to play with that many dogs. I am very smart so it did not take that long to figure out and I had so much fun. Over the months, my foster brothers and sisters got adopted while I still waited for the right family. I went to a huge adoption event called the Pet Expo hoping that people will be interested in me but I didn’t realize how crazy it was going to be there. There was so much noise and people, it was a little scary! I didn’t do so well in that environment so I got to leave early and I was so relieved!

In the meantime, my foster daddy met a nice couple at the Expo who was interested in Sheldon but after talking to them for awhile, he realized that I would be a better match than Sheldon for them. They wanted to meet me so I got to go over to their house and spend some time with them. They were so nice and thought I was a silly handsome boy. After meeting me, they said they wanted to foster me and see if we all would be a good match for each other. So the next week, my foster daddy brought me back to their home to stay for a while. They were so excited to see me again and even bought me some new toys! I’m a pretty easygoing boy so I didn’t make a huge fuss about staying in a new home though my foster daddy was sad that I wouldn’t be with him anymore. I tried to show him that he didn’t have to worry about me and that I would be okay by running around the backyard with my new ball in my mouth and having a good time. My new foster mom and dad were happy to have me stay with them and I couldn’t wait to show them what a great boy I am!

After about three months, my foster parents had fallen in love with me and I loved them back with all my heart. They called my old foster dad and told them that they wanted to make me officially a part of their family. My old foster dad and mom came for a visit and I was so excited to see them again. They were here to do the paperwork for my adoption which got me even more excited! They brought me an adoption care package too with all new stuff in there. What I loved most were the new toys which I wanted to play with right away! What a great day it was! I was officially adopted into my forever happy home! I couldn’t wait to tell my friend Max who is also a German Shepherd like me. Our moms walk us together and let us play together a lot, he has become one of my best buddies so I know he will be so happy for me. I am so happy with my family, it was definitely worth the wait!