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Peyton’s Family

Peyton's Family

After all the fuss over me, I found my loving forever home!

Hi, it’s Peyton. My story and life really started when these three nice people met me at the shelter. They fell in love with me, so they told the people at the shelter that they would come back to adopt me after my neuter surgery.  I remember the day they came to pick me up.  When they walked into the clinic, I was so happy to see them again, I started wagging my tail like crazy so they could see how happy and grateful I was to see them and get out of the shelter alive. When we got to the car, I saw another dog there too, it was my foster sister Penelope.  I was glad she was saved too. We got to my foster dad’s home and wow, there were so many other dogs there!  Everyone was so welcoming and accepted me into the pack. I played with Ollie, Penelope, Olivia, and Quinn and after I fully recovered from my surgery, I went for walks and really played hard with all my foster brothers and sisters.

In between all the playtime, I went on meet and greets with families that were interested in me.  I also went to this big Pet Expo event to meet even more people and it was really fun. A few people said that they were interested in me but no one applied to adopt me.  I looked in the mirror and was thinking was it because I had a white patch on my chest that people did not like?  Little did I know, it just was not the right time for me to find my home yet.  So I got to spend a few weeks at Aunt Jill’s house and got to play with Lucy and Lucky. Lucky was fun and Lucy was hard to win over, but I finally did, and she was really fun to play with too.  

One day, Aunt Jill took me to meet up with my old foster dad. I was wondering why until I realized it was because I was going to check out the home of a family that was interested in me! They were also interested in Sierra so she came along which was cool because she’s one of my favorite play buddies. So my foster dad and Aunt Tricia brought us to the family’s home and we had fun! Sierra and I got to run around and play and I almost fell into their pool.  I was scared by their pet turtle and jumped up straight in the air when he looked at me.  I was getting a lot of attention from the two girls and everyone was petting me and telling me what a good boy I was, but I already knew that already.  I love Sierra but I was hoping that they would pick me because I had a really good feeling about this family, I was thinking they could be the family I have been waiting for. After we left, I overheard my foster dad talking to Aunt Jill and he was saying that they liked both pups, but were going to think about it and would let him know later on what they decided.  Then at that moment, he said, “Oh, we got a text message.”  It was from them and they said they wanted Peyton.  I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s me!  Yeah! I am finally going into my forever home!”  

A week later, my foster daddy and I got into the car and we took a ride up the freeway to my new forever home.  I was very nervous and just hoping everything would be fine. We pulled up in front of my new home and I barked at my new sister because I was not sure who she was at first.  But then when I realized who it was, I rolled over on my back to get a belly rub from her.  My new mom was there too and she also gave me a lot of attention.  My new dad came out and took me inside and boy was I proud walking up to the front door, just like I had been doing it all my life.  We all went inside and my foster daddy started to fill out the paperwork.  I was running around the house checking everything out to make sure that is was okay.  I was thinking, “Wow, this is all mine?”  I now have my very own family and a place to call home! My new family takes me for a lot of walks and runs everyday which is so fun! They also try to take me everywhere they can with them. Yes, I am definitely a spoiled dog to have a family that loves to spend so much time with me! How cool is that? I have an awesome life with my new family!