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Hi, I’m Ulani. I am a 17 week old spayed female puppy. I have to tell you I am a very strong female. I know what I want out of life so don’t try to tell me any different. I love to play with any kind of toys but who doesn’t like to play with toys at my age. I can play with the best of them and most dogs, even the bigger ones, know I mean business when I tell them what to do. I am very smart and I know that with the right family who wants to spend time with me and train me, I could be the most awesome dog you would ever want. I am still working on the house training, but it is really hard to take a break when you are playing, so, sometimes I just go where I am playing, but my foster mom is working with me on that. That leash thing – they are only good for is chewing on, so don’t even try one on me. If you are up for the challenge on a very head strong girl, then fill out an application; but if you are just looking at my picture and thinking I am just the cutest thing you have ever seen, please move on. I want someone that is dedicated to my training and making sure I am going to be the most awesome dog I can be.