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Reese’s Family

Is it possible to go from a Princess to a Queen in a week? It is if your name is Reese!

Hi, it’s me Reese. The dog that LOVES toys! It has been an interesting few months, but I have to say the adventure has been really fun! I was pulled out of the shelter on my last day by my future foster dad. I got to his house and boy that was when the fun began; he had dogs, toys, and lots of balls to play with. I thought I went to heaven for sure and I did not have to die to get it! I had a lot of fun in his foster home playing with Ollie, Olivia, Peyton, Penelope, and of course, Sierra. I remember thinking this was a lot of fun playing with all my foster brothers and sisters but when was I going to get to go and meet new families? Well, my foster dad was really busy one week talking about this big Pet Expo that we were going to. I was kind of excited because it sounded like a lot of fun. Well, the first day at that event, wow, there were so many people and a lot of dogs. It was very exciting and I got to meet a lot of people and everyone was so nice to me. By the third day, I was really tired and the excitement of the event was wearing off, and all I wanted to do was go home and rest with my foster brothers and sisters. I met a lot of different people that I thought were nice, but it all depended on if they submit an application on me.

Well, this one morning soon after, my foster dad said, “Come on Reese. Let’s go.” I thought it was kind of strange because it was just daddy and me. We got in the car and went to the park, and we met my foster mom and this other nice lady with a girl with her. They were so nice, and I was getting so much attention, and they just loved me so much. I was thinking okay is this the right family for me or what? My foster dad recommended to them that they should do the foster-to-adopt program first to make sure we were the right fit for each other. The nice lady had to talk to her husband and make sure he was okay with it and would let us know. So I heard my foster dad say to the lady, “Will Monday night work to drop Reese off?” Then he said, “Okay we will see then.” So my foster dad and mom drove me down to their house and we did the paperwork. They have a huge house with a big backyard to play in. The first weekend, my new foster family took me to a training class at a pet store nearby. It was exciting, but I was not sure about it. I got to see a lot of different sized dogs, and it seemed like it was pretty basic. They really did not have me do anything that exciting or challenging though.

Aside from that though, I was really having fun in my foster family’s home. I go for a lot of walks and play ball in the backyard. They give me lots of toys, do training with me, and give me more love than I could ask for, so I was hoping that they were going to adopt me. Many days later, I was laying on my bed with my eyes closed trying to get some rest after a very long walk with my foster mom. I heard her on the phone with my old foster dad and she said those magical words. She said, “Yes Tom, we want to finalize the adoption for Reese.” I was so excited! I felt so warm inside that I proved to my family I was well worth keeping. They give me a loving home with all the toys I want and I am their life-long friend. I love my new family and I know they love me as much as I love them!