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Recommended Premium Dog Food

Here is a list of dog food that we recommend. Please keep in mind that there are about 40+ excellent brands of dog food out there. The main reasons we picked these brands is based on our own personal experience and the ingredients in the dog food. Most local pet stores including Petsmart, Petco, Pets Plus, Small Pet Boutiques and most Feed Stores carry these brands so they are very convenient to purchase.

Brands that we recommend:

Grain Free
● Nature’s Domain – Sold only at select Costcos
● Taste of the Wild
● Natural Balance
● Blue Buffalo
● Innova
● Evo
● Orijen
● Solid Gold
● Canidae
● Nature’s Variety

Other Brands
These may also come in Grain Free Formulas
● Eagle Pack
● Wolf Pack
● Wellness
● California Natural
● Newman’s Own Organics
● Avo Derm
● Royal Canine
● Nutro Natural Choice
● Nutro Ultra
● Nutro Max