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Hi, my name is Leo. I am a little over a year old and I would say I am very mature for my age. I do love to play with a tennis ball and also play tug a war with my foster sister and brothers. I especially love to play with my little brother, Lucky. We love to just roll around and wrestle and he loves to run from me and we chase each other around dad’s kitchen table which dad is not thrilled with and he stops us when we keep running into the chairs. I play tug a war with Lucky but I guess I can be a little too strong for him so I end up dragging him around a little bit but he seems to like the ride! I love to go on walks with my foster sister and brothers and see all the people that we meet on our walks. I do like to look at other dogs but tend to just pay attention to how pretty the outside is. I am very good at doing what I am told. I know how to sit, stay, down and you can introduce me to your friends and they will get a hand shake! When dad goes to work, I stay in my crate during the day but know that I will get to go outside to do my business when he gets home. I do bark but it is only when I feel it is necessary and it is not safe outside. I am very loving to my daddy because he is taking such good care of me. I will behave and love you just as much if you consider adopting me. So pick me as your next wonderful dog!